Six keys to acing the interview

Through my full-time job and outside of it, I've recently helped numerous students prepare for job interviews. While attempting to dish out my best advice, I noticed some particular tips and tricks that I believe are worth documenting for others to utilize. 

I think we’d rather pick an extreme like fantastic or awful. However, the reality is we’re just somewhere in the middle, and it’s normal. I want to make the case for simply feeling good. The post-graduation high may have worn off, the “real world” pressure may have set in, and the road ahead seems hazy at best. We may not know what lies ahead on the running trail, but we’ll figure it out.

The elephant in the room: referrals in the hiring process

Referrals are an important, and at times, frustrating, part of the hiring process. Whether you like them or not, they will not disappear anytime soon. In order to build a more equitable labor market, I challenge corporations to limit the influence of referrals on early-career positions and to avoid strict interview quotas when referrals are involved. I also challenge those frustrated by the referral system to make an effort to build a professional network using the tools available.

Lighting myself on fire

I feel guilty about leaving friends behind; I feel excited about the new relationships in my life. I reach back towards my past and desperately attempt to hang on; I peer excitedly into my future and push forward towards the things that I want. I reminisce on what has passed; yet dream of what lies ahead. Does reflecting on my past hold me back from my future?

Putting four years into words...

I hope that I can believe in people the way others have believed in me. I hope that I can continue to learn and grow from my mistakes. I hope that I can be a better friend. I hope that my love of learning follows me far beyond the Penn State campus.